Ayumu is a Japanese bassist who has gained recognition for his innovative and unique playing style. He is endorsed by a number of respected brands, including Dingwall Guitars, Bergantino Audio Systems, GruvGear, Jim Dunlop, Comawhite Custom Cable, and Sleek Elite. Ayumu began posting videos on social media in 2012, which helped him gain a following from around the world.

Ayumu was selected as a finalist in a bass contest organized by music producer Seiji Kameda, and he has been featured in Bass Magazine multiple times, including a CD recording and seminar series. He is known for specializing in rock-style bassists seeking new playing styles and provides lessons that incorporate his unique ideas and cutting-edge practice methods.

In addition to his thriving performance career, Ayumu is also dedicated to teaching and guiding up-and-coming bassists through personalized, one-on-one lessons that cater to each individual’s needs and goals.

BECOS pedals used

This is my favorite distortion pedal. It has many features. The dry/wet mix is useful for bass. I power it at 18V.