Takumi Matsuda 松田 卓己 is a renowned Japanese bassist and musician. He spent his teenage years in Nara, where he was deeply influenced by the music of Van Halen and Yngwie Malmsteen. This sparked his interest in playing the bass guitar, and he went on to study at the Osaka School of Music before embarking on a one-year program at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, California.

During his time in the United States, Takumi honed his skills in jazz and theory, while also exploring the world of rock music. It was during this period that he earned the nickname “FIRE”. Upon returning to Japan, he formed the trio band “SUPER TRAPP” with his fellow Los Angeles musicians, and they made their debut on BMG in 1997. Takumi also went on to debut with other bands, including “the Synthesizers” on Nagomu Records, “Dt.” on avex, and “the MARCY BAND” on KING RECORDS.

In addition, Takumi has also collaborated on various recording projects and performed live as a support musician for many artists, both in Japan and abroad. He is currently an active member of the bands “the MARCY BAND”, “PERIDOTS” and “the Badasses”. His unique looks and flashy performances have earned him high praise and recognition from audiences overseas.

Takumi has worked with a diverse range of musicians throughout his career, including Akira, Ayaka, Amuro Namie, Oobaseiko, Ai Otsuka, Chihiro Onitsuka, Taishi Kota, Shizuka Kudo, Koda Kumi, Cocco, Maika Shiratori, Juju, Tomo Suzuki, Anna Tsuchiya, Terada Eiko, Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi, Kana Nishino, Hamasaki Ayumi, Motohiro Hata, Satoshi Fukushima, Fukuyama Masaharu, Naotaro Moriyama, Daichi Miura, Mizuki Nana, Mewa, Hitomi Yaida, Yokosuka Yumena, and many others.

Takumi’s exceptional bass-playing skills and captivating performances have earned him a prominent place in the Japanese music scene, inspiring and entertaining audiences with his talent and passion for music.

Furthermore, he produced a video that serves as an introduction of our CompIQ MINI One Pro Compressor to the Japanese audience.

BECOS pedals used

The MINI One is recommended for fast-playing people and technical people, even for slaps. The tone doesn’t change and it remains clean. I think you can play fast phrases without loss of highs. Low noise, easy operation, no change in timbre, it does a lot.