Jordan Ziff

Jordan Ziff, an up-and-coming guitar prodigy, made his debut as a songwriter at the young age of 14, co-writing the 2007 album Living A Sick Dream with his then-band Age of Evil where Marty Friedman played a solo on the title track. With the support of a German record label, Ziff embarked on a tour of Europe as a teenager.

Ziff performed with Marty Friedman’s band, whom he regarded as a personal hero, and had the opportunity to collaborate with some of his idols, including members of Queensryche, Lynch Mob, and Slash. In 2018, Ziff joined the glam metal band RATT. He is also the current lead guitarist at Hot Crazy band.

Ziff cites The Beatles, Santana, and Van Halen as some of his guitar influences. He first performed in front of an audience at his school’s talent show in fourth grade, and the experience fueled his passion for guitar.

BECOS pedals used

When I play the Ziffer or the TS8-MS through my 1976 Marshall JMP I get a Godly tone! And the CompIQ MINI is the best.


Making the Jordan Ziff Signature Ziffer Overdrive Mini Pedal

Prashant Aswani introduced Ziff to our TS8-MS in 2019. Ziff used it for two years to complement his 1976 Marshall JMP go-for-tone machine. During this time, we collaborated on a signature overdrive pedal in a mini format, and with Ziff’s input, we simplified the circuit by removing the unnecessary MIDI switching functionalities. We also included a switchable lows injection control and added Dry/Wet and Dry EQ controls, making the new Ziffer Overdrive Mini compact, robust, flexible, and powerful. Ziff is also using our CompIQ MINI Pro Compressor. With these two he creates the perfect sound to suit his style.