Nicu Patoi

Nicu Patoi is a Romanian guitarist, composer, and educator. He began playing guitar at a young age and quickly developed a passion for music. Patoi’s playing style is characterized by his ability to blend traditional Romanian folk music with modern guitar techniques, resulting in a unique and innovative sound.

Throughout his career, Patoi has collaborated with many notable musicians, including Stefan Banica Jr., Gheorghe Zamfir, Gabriel Cotabita, and Ovidiu Lipan Tandarica. He has also formed his own band, Platonic Band, which fuses traditional Romanian music with jazz, blues, and rock.

In addition to his work as a performer, Patoi is also an accomplished music educator. He has taught guitar at several music schools and universities in Romania and has conducted masterclasses and workshops around the world.

Nicu Patoi’s early musical career involved playing with various rock bands in Galati, including Sprint, Phoebus, Autograf, Voievod, and Deja-vu. In 1988-1989, he gained recognition at festivals with Autograf and recorded an album with Voievod in 1991. Patoi also had a special collaboration with Cristal, led by the late Puiu Cretu, which represented a model for his artistic evolution.

In 1995, Patoi founded PLATONIC BAND, a personal instrumental project based on his own compositions. The band quickly gained recognition and appeared on TV shows. In 1996, Patoi graduated from the Faculty of Letters and Sciences, the Mathematics-Informatics section, and began collaborating with Stefan Banica Junior upon moving to Bucharest that same year.

Platonic Band underwent a lineup change in 1997, and they recorded their debut album “Saved By The Holy Love.” In 2003, Patoi was asked to take over the musical part of the TAVERNA show, and Platonic became the host band, playing alongside the most important artists in the country. This led to the formation of the Duo Berti Barbera/Nicu Patoi project in 2004.

Since 2005, Patoi has been a Yamaha endorser and has collaborated with many artists throughout his career. Currently, he divides his time between Platonic Band, Duo Berti Barbera / Nicu Patoi, and ROCKa Na ROLL BAND (Stefan Banica Jr).

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