Steve Lawson

Steve Lawson is a British bassist and composer, known for his innovative and experimental approach to the bass guitar. He has released numerous solo albums, as well as collaborative works with other musicians.

Lawson is particularly known for using live looping, a technique in which he records and layers different bass guitar parts in real-time, creating complex and multi-layered soundscapes. He has also been praised for his melodic and harmonically rich playing style, as well as his ability to blend different genres and influences in his music.

In addition to his work as a musician, Lawson is also a respected educator and blogger and has written extensively about his creative process, music theory, and the business of being an independent musician. He has given lectures and workshops on these topics in the UK and internationally. Steve Lawson has written articles and contributed to Bass Player magazine, a leading publication for bass players and enthusiasts. His contributions have covered various topics, including music theory, technique, and gear reviews. Lawson’s insights and expertise on the bass guitar have made him a respected voice in the bass-playing community, and his articles have been appreciated by readers of the magazine.

Steve Lawson is a highly regarded figure in the world of experimental and avant-garde music and has inspired many other musicians with his innovative and forward-thinking approach to the bass guitar.

BECOS pedals used

The BecosFX CompIQ Mini – is the first time I’ve ever found a pedal compressor transparent enough to replicate what I normally add at the mastering stage – just a couple of dB of squish but allowing the sparkle at the front of every note to still shine. Absolutely amazing. ❤️