Tiernan Godel

Tiernan Godel is a highly experienced professional bass guitarist, having played for more than 20 years since graduating from the Guitar Institute in 1997. He has collaborated with many renowned artists and producers, such as YamWho, Hugh Padgham, and Robert Strauss, across various contemporary music genres, including rock, funk, soul, disco, folk, blues, and jazz. Tiernan has also worked as a pit musician for several musicals, such as ‘Moby Dick’ and ‘School of Rock,’ and is currently touring the UK with Creeds Cross for their theatre show ‘The Celtic Journey,’ in addition to his other side projects.

Tiernan has also partnered with Sample Magic to develop several bass loop packs. The first project was released in Jan 2015 and included more than 200 ‘Disco and Funk’ bassline loops, fills, and slides. Subsequently, he released ‘Disco and Funk Bass 2’ in May 2017, and there are more upcoming packs in store.

In addition to his performance work, Tiernan has been teaching music for 17 years, including 11 years as a peripatetic music teacher. He is passionate about learning and has extensively studied effective teaching methodologies, which he implements in his practice. Tiernan’s primary objective is to motivate his students to reach their full potential. He has guided many pupils through the entire range of Rock School grade exams, from Debut to Grade 8, with some of his students continuing their studies at prestigious music institutions like Berklee College of Music, The Royal Academy, LIPA, and Birmingham Conservatoire.

BECOS pedals used