Becos CompIQ Stella + Ditos Reviewed by Bass Player Magazine

We are so honored by the review published by Bass Player Magazine in the June 2022 Issue for the CompIQ Stella + Ditos compressor pedal! Not only that, but this is the first time our product name appears on the cover of the magazine (next to the great Chris Squire!), along with an interesting question for the users to answer. The author notes:

“At all times, the tone was clear, clean and detailed in the way that I’ve come to expect from high-end studio plugins. […] This level of control would normally warrant one or even two rack spaces, so to have it available for a pedalboard is a godsend. […] Oh, did I mention the balanced DI out? A super-clean, studio quality second output to send to a desk or soundcard provides another ‘They’ve thought of everything’ moment. […] Bravo!” – Steve Lawson, Bass Player Magazine, June 2022, p58-59


Thank you so much for the review!

Read the article here in PDF format.