BECOS CompIQ STELLA Pro Compressor included in the EIGHT BEST COMPRESSORS FOR ELECTRIC GUITARS IN 2020 selection by Guitar Magazine

It is very nice to see that the CompIQ STELLA Pro Compressor is viewed as one of the best compressor pedals for guitar. With its set of features, it stands out in between so many highly ranked compressors that Guitar Magazine points to for the year 2020.

With its comprehensive set of controls, the Stella looks like it belongs in the cockpit of an F-16 fighter jet rather than on a pedalboard. This is the result of an ambitious effects maker trying to fit a VCA compressor into a pedal format – and succeeding. Regular control parameters like ratio, threshold, attack, release and gain aside, this little pedal has a few tricks up its sleeve that warrant the ‘Pro’ in its name.

These include a side chain filter with three selectable options – Normal, Low and Deep – and a Tilt EQ control. The former lets lower frequencies through without triggering the compressor too quickly, while the latter can be used to boost treble and cut bass or vice versa, around a pivot point that can be set to either 1kHz or 330Hz. With these features and a couple of others, this Romanian stomper presents an unrivalled amount of compression control in a pedal format. Learn more about it in our full review—, 21st February 2020

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