Guitar World USA - January 2022 - Becos Ziffer Overdrive Review

Becos Ziffer Overdrive Reviewed by Guitar World Magazine 🇺🇸

We are very honored to have our Jordan Ziff Signature Overdrive mini pedal (a.k.a. the Ziffer Overdrive) reviewed by Guitar World Magazine (Jan 2022 Issue). Paul Riario writes about the pedal:

Dynamic and musical drive. Excels when pushing an amp. Heaps of tone-shaping options. Compact format and premium build.The Deep switch is fascinating to me; if I’m soloing or chugging in the lower register, then the Deep setting clearly makes the bottom end more defined and present. However, I still prefer the Classic setting for all the sugary harmonic content I’m used to. The Dry EQ works well if you need to recover some missing frequencies, but don’t completely disregard the Dry/Wet mix control. I can tell you dialing back the wetness for some clean signal sounded exceptionally good through a high gain amp.

The Verdict

For all its expanded versatility as an 808-style drive, the Ziffer Overdrive shouldn’t be missed.”

Thank you, GW for awarding the Ziffer Overdrive with Gold!

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