BecosFX Referral Program

A customer can recommend our products and get awarded. Here’s how it works.

Recommend our products to friends or audience and give them a €10 Discount Coupon. For each invitation leading to a  completed purchase we will award you a €10 Discount Coupon that you can use on your next purchase with us, or you can redeem that coupon to a €10 Paypal transfer so we could buy you a drink. The more friends who buy using your Link / Code, the more coupons for you to use, or… the more drinks you get from us! Read the complete rules below.

Start now by sharing your referrer Link / Code with your friends. You can track your earnings in your account.

Referral Program Rules


The current customer referral program is valid from 1 January 2020 until 31 December 2020.


The program implies the participation of three parts: BecosFX, the Referrer, and the Invitee. We expect to have our products known and recommended to people through word of mouth, maybe sell more as a result. The Referrer gets awarded for recommending our products to friends and the audience. The Invitee buys our products at a lower price. This should be a win/win/win participation.

Referral Rewards

€10 Discount Coupon for the INVITEE, to say thank you for your purchase.

€10 Discount Coupon for the REFERRER on each of invitee’s purchase, to say thank you for your successful recommendation. Alternatively, you can claim a €10 Paypal payment from us by communicating us the received code within 45 days.


Anyone can be an Invitee. Only customers can be Referrers.

Discount Code / Link Usage

Discount Codes are fixed in value and applicable per-cart. They will only work if there are items in the cart that are not on sale.

If an invitee accesses our shop through a referral link, the discount should be automatically applied by the system when the Cart page is loaded (if the user’s browser supports this automation). If the discount is not applied automatically, the code at the end of the link may be entered manually. When an invitee visits us directly they can enter the promo code manually.

An invitee can use a referrer Code / Link for multiple orders during the lifetime of this program.

An invitee cannot use more than one referrer code per one purchase, in an attempt to obtain even more of a discount.

Referrers can share their link from their account (that is a custom-link which points to our homepage). Referrers can share their Link / Code in a call to action on their social media pages, blogs, forums, or any other way (including methods provided by us: social media buttons & email).

The referrer is awarded only after an invite’s order is marked Complete. Referrers can track their invitees in their account.

If an invitee’s order is Cancelled / Refunded while a referrer did not use the awarded code generated from that order, that code is void (reduced to zero) or deleted by the system.

The referrer’s coupons accumulate from multiple purchases of invites. These awards can be used ONLY ONCE for purchasing products on our website. They can be used individually, some of them, or all at once – as long as referral program is available and codes are valid.

If the referrer chose to claim its “Thank You” €10 Paypal payment instead, that must happen within 45 days after the code is awarded. To claim the money reward, the referrer must contact us directly to express the request and communicate us the code which will be erased afterward.

A referrer Link / Code cannot be used in conjunction with individually issued coupons or with coupons obtained from more referrers. One or the other is applied in the Cart for either, the referrer or the invitee.

A referrer cannot use its own Link / Code for purchase, but he can use someone else’s code, which means he acts as an invite.

Discount Link / Coupon Duration

Our system will generate links & coupons with a default duration of 1 Year. Beware that if these are published on the web and forgotten, in time may become misleading. This is not our fault. We encourage you to stop sharing them if BecosFX Referral Program stops. Thank you in advance for only sharing valid information and functional Link / Codes.

Although an award-generated code for the referrer may show a validity period longer than the BecosFX Referral Program’s active time-frame, it is the program’s availability that will override the validity of any program generated code.

Good Faith

We are fair with participants and we cut from our profit to share it with you: enthusiasts, supporters, friends, users & customers. We expect you, the participant, to act in good faith as well.


If there are suspicions of fraud, we reserve the right to stop the awards for the person under suspicion, with or without notice. Discount Codes might not be awarded in such a case. Additional measures may be taken: the user may be banned, the account may be suspended or erased, and the referral program may be interrupted or ended.


BecosFX Referral Program is offered as a courtesy, as is. No warranty regarding this program is implied or made. We will not be held liable for any kind of loss, to anyone.

We want to make this program work for everyone involved, so things may need to change on the go. We reserve the right to change the BecosFX Referral Program’s rules without notice. Award type, amount, discount target, or discount method may be changed at any time during the program.

We reserve the right to end this program at our discretion, any time, with or without notice, without owing anything to anyone.

Unused referrer & invitee codes at kill/end time will no longer be usable. At our discretion, remaining valid codes could be converted in some other form of rewards, or not.


If you have questions regarding this program, please contact us.