CIQ-2 CompIQ MINI Pro Compressor
A comparative analysis of 6 compressor pedals - Becos CompIQ Mini, Smoothie, Bassist, FEA DE-CL, Duncan Studio Bass, MXR 143 (80’s red box / AC cord) - made by two users on Talkbass Forum finds the CompIQ MINI Pro Compressor a winner.
Becos CompIQ Pro Stella Compressor-Compressor Pedal Reviews
"I'm not aware of any compressor on the market that packs this much punch in terms of functionality. I recommend this one." - Chris Tromp, Compressor Pedal Reviews
Becos CompIQ Stella Pro Compressor was nominated in the Guitar Magazine’s poll for The Best Effects Pedal of the Year 2019. Cast your vote by 4 November 2019!
CompIQ Stella Pro Compressor pedal featured in Premier Guitar Pedal Showcase October 2019 Issue
An integrated Tape Saturation circuit is available for adding tints of harmonic colors, while Side Chain Filter, Compression Knee & Tilt-EQ controls can help you master the depths and shines of your instrument.
Becos CompIQ Line of Compressors

The 101 of the CompIQ Line of Compressors

Sunday, 01 September 2019 by
Covering topics like compression threshold, side-chain filter, RMS-level sensor, Blackmer VCA compression element, compressors noise, and more.
The technological innovation that went into the Stella extends to BecosFX’s other pedals, too. Like the TS8-MS, an analog overdrive and amp channel switcher that’s somehow also MIDI-enabled. Or the Micro Booster, an onboard guitar preamp that delivers up to 20dB of FET-based boost via a push/push switch.