CompIQ Stella Reviewed By_Bassprofessor Magazine Nr.103
Becos from Romania has become a real insider tip in the effects scene within a very short time. The Stella Compressor that the company sent us shows very impressively why this is so. The Becos CompIQ Stella is definitely the studio compressor for the vest pocket.
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Becos FX - Easy Fix for a 10mm barrel: trim the plastic jacket 2mm to make the barrel longer
We use common DC Power Connectors that are soldered directly on the circuit board, recessed behind the 2mm thick enclosure wall. A DC Power Plug with a 12mm long barrel having Ø5.1mm external diameter and Ø2.1mm inner diameter is needed for a good electrical connection inside the connector.
Guitar Magazine Gear Of The Year 2020 - Becos CompIQ Twain - Recommended
We are happy to see the  CompIQ Twain receiving the "Recommended Gear of the Year 2020" badge in the Guitar Magazine "Best guitar effects pedal of 2020" awards!
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Gitarre Und Bass December 2020 CompIQ MINI Review
Not long after the comprehensive CompIQ Twain & Stella review published in June 2020, Gitarre & Bass is now following with a new review in the December 2020 Issue - this time for the CompIQ Mini.
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CompIQ Stella Settings Examples
Hear the sound demos and settings examples for the CompIQ Stella Compressor Pedal with a bass instrument.
Premier Guitar Mystery Stocking
Take your chance to get our flagship CompIQ Twain Dual-Band / Stacked Compressor Pedal with an almost 90% discount!