DITOS – Transformer-Coupled Balanced Output DI Board for CompIQ Stella Compressor Pedal
The DITOS is truly a studio-grade DI and in combination with the Stella Pro Compressor, it offers a very powerful analog dynamic sound processing option in a very small package.
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CompIQ Twain - Sound on Sound Review - September 2021
Whatever bass style you're playing, the Twain can put you in total control. A supremely versatile two-band dynamics processor that can handle instrument or line sources.
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Becos TS8-JZ / CompIQ Mini-One - Guitar Magazine Editors Choice
When it comes to cramming a whole rack unit into a stompbox, few companies are more adept than Becos. Now, the pedal firm is back with a tweakable mini overdrive to go and its simplest ever compressor.
BECOS Ziffer Overdrive – Jordan Ziff Signature MINI Overdrive Pedal
Inspired by Jordan Ziff’s minimalist approach to guitar tone by using the overdrive to push his 1959 Plexi amp, we mixed the vintage tubescreamer essentials with careful sophistication to give rise to a versatile and powerful tone shaping tool.
Best high-end MINI Compressor Pedals - Delicious Audio
The Becos CompIQ MINI Pro is a studio-grade mini VCA-style compressor pedal providing essential controls and also a Soft/Hard compression knee option. Dynamic Auto Attack & Release Timing circuitry replaces the need for a dedicated attack knob, with a toggle switch allowing to pick Fast or Slow dynamic response.
CompIQ MINI Pro Compressor Pedal Reviewed by Guitar World - Platinum Award June 2021
Guitar World Magazine Platinum Award 🏆 Functionality is top-notch, and it’s astounding that Becos can deliver such a high level of pristine compression in such a tiny housing. It’s so essential and good, I can’t take it off my pedalboard – actually, I refuse to take it off.
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