CompIQ Twain reviewed by Guitar Magazine UK
The Twain cooks up every style of guitar compression we can think of – from subtle and transparent detail enhancement through Lowell George and onto brickwall limiting with unlimited sustain.
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CIQT-1 CompIQ TWAIN Dual-Band / Stacked Compressor for Bass and Guitar
We found some scenarios in which the pedal may have a limit on the headroom on the Dry-line, which may lead to premature clipping. The Wet line is not affected.
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As long as local Romanian Post services work, we will deliver, but we expect that delays will appear along the way, during international transit. Please keep that in mind when you order from us.
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CompIQ Twain - Settings Examples - Featured Image
We advise you to explore the settings one by one, to hear their action. Sometimes small adjustments on pairs of controls can make a big difference.
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CompIQ TWAIN Dual-Band / Stacked Compressor for Bass and Guitar
Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus complications that appeared on one of our parts suppliers in China, we expect certain delays in the fabrication and delivery of the TWAIN Compressor. We may encounter difficulties with other products as well.
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The TWAIN is the most sophisticated product we've made so far. This is the fourth in the CompIQ series of VCA compressors and it basically concludes the range, in pedal format. 

COV-19 Update ⚠️ We are in a state of emergency with severely limited mobility and temporary delivery restrictions applying to several international destinations.

As the COVID-19 epidemic rapidly spreads throughout Europe, Romania has recorded infections that are rising slowly. Our home town – Constanta – is affected.

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