BECOS compressor pedals are now officially available in Japan
We are very pleased to announce that our compressor pedals are now available in Japan 🇯🇵 exclusively through LEP International Co. LTD.
The Compressor Guy from Compressor Pedal Reviews wrote a nice review of the CompIQ MINI ONE Pro Compressor pedal, which puts in the highlight.
Becos TS8-MS Boutique overdrive flavours meet versatile MIDI switching in a diminutive box
This is indeed a tool that sounds sweet - a secret weapon in the hands of pro-players around the world. Here are some highlights of the Guitar Mag's findings.
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Every once in a while,  a very pro user finds the time to write a complete review on a product of hours. This time, the  Dark Wizard of the Knights Martial user on forum took the task to make an in-depth review of the CompIQ STELLA Pro Compressor pedal.
Mini Pedals State of the Art PT 1 : Nine leading examples of Contemporary Mini Pedal Smart Engineering
The specialty blog Guitar Pedal X writes about several mini pedals from builders around the world which "are ambassadors for the very best of the current Mini Pedals State of the Art in terms of engineering innovation and quality", among which the CompIQ MINI.
CIQ-2 CompIQ MINI Pro Compressor
A comparative analysis of 6 compressor pedals - Becos CompIQ Mini, Smoothie, Bassist, FEA DE-CL, Duncan Studio Bass, MXR 143 (80’s red box / AC cord) - made by two users on Talkbass Forum finds the CompIQ MINI Pro Compressor a winner.