CompIQ Stella Asagi Bass Japan Review
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CompIQ Twain Review Guitar Magazine Oct 2020 p120
The number of features available make this Becos compressor hard to beat for users who demand a wide variety of compression options for different styles and multiple basses. The Becos shines in the heavier settings - compressing like some of the legendary rack units.
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Atsushikubo CompIQ MINI Review
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CompIQ STELLA Pro Compressor

We are upgrading the CompIQ STELLA

We added two more LEDs on the ladder, giving a more even and finer visual indication over the compressed signal.
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Guitar Magazine - EIGHT BEST COMPRESSORS FOR ELECTRIC GUITARS IN 2020 - Standout compressors for your next stompbox squeeze.
With its comprehensive set of controls, the Stella looks like it belongs in the cockpit of an F-16 fighter jet rather than on a pedalboard. This Romanian stomper presents an unrivaled amount of compression control in a pedal format.
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Sound On Sound CompIQ Stella Review July 2020 Issue
We couldn't be more honored than being featured in what is probably the most esteemed and pro-audio focused magazine in the United Kingdom and possibly in Europe. Thank you, SOS!
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