Best high-end MINI Compressor Pedals - Delicious Audio

CompIQ MINI included in the Best High-End Mini Compressor Pedals of 2021 by Delicious Audio

Delicious Audio is one of the most revered guitar pedal blog and related video aggregator, but not only that. Paolo De Gregorio organizes and hosts several Stompbox Exhibits in the USA and Canada each year, attended by thousands of pro & hobby players from around the world and promoting pedals effects brands of all sorts. We are still bound to participate in these shows at some point in time after travel restrictions imposed by the Covis-19 pandemic will be lifted.

We’re now learning that they compiled one of the most comprehensive selection of “the best” mini compressor pedals of the year 2021 where they featured our Becos CompIQ MINI Pro Compressor in the “high-end” pack of minions. In the author’s words:

The Becos CompIQ MINI Pro is a studio-grade mini VCA-style compressor pedal providing essential controls and also a Soft/Hard compression knee option. Dynamic Auto Attack & Release Timing circuitry replaces the need for a dedicated attack knob, with a toggle switch allowing to pick Fast or Slow dynamic response. It features a useful (and unique for a mini pedal) gain reduction meter. 

The compilation points to many other mini compressor pedals in all price ranges. Check it out!