CompIQ Twain recommended by Guitar Magazine in Gear Of The Year 2020

The  CompIQ Twain receives the “Recommended Gear of the Year 2020” badge in the Guitar Magazine “Best guitar effects pedal of 2020” awards. Thank you all who voted for us and for all the other great pedals nominated in the poll!

Here is how the editorial staff described our dual-band compressor pedal:

Guitar Magazine Gear Of The Year 2020 - Becos CompIQ Twain - RecommendedThe CompIQ Twain is a remarkably versatile compressor pedal with a low noise floor and pristine audio quality. It’s more like a multi-band mastering compressor than the units most guitarists will be familiar with. A lengthy familiarisation period will be required for any guitarists who decide to take the plunge, but the Twain cooks up every style of guitar compression we can think of – from subtle and transparent detail enhancement through Lowell George and onto brickwall limiting with unlimited sustain.Read the entire review

Once again we are happy to see one of our products making up in the pre-selection this year – 2020. Last year, in 2019, the CompIQ Stella was also nominated.

This year’s winner is Walrus Audio Mako Series D1. Congratulations to Walrus Audio who came up with this great delay pedal!