CompIQ Twain Review Guitar Magazine Oct 2020 p120

CompIQ Twain reviewed by Premier Guitar Magazine 🇺🇸

The Premier Guitar October 2020 Pedal Issue brings a wealth of pedal reviews, including a hefty dose of compressors. Among those examined is the Becos CompIQ Twain Pro — an in-depth report that is accompanied by bass sound samples courtesy of Victor Brodén, the reviewer. Here is an excerpt of his findings:

The TWAIN has a sea of compression options available. I started out by plugging in a Fender Ultra Jazz 4-string because I wanted to see if I could get a modern, active Jazz bass to sound a little less modern and controlled, both in the highs of the pops and the violent low-end attacks of an aggressively slapped 4th string. And I began using the CompIQ TWAIN in dual-band mode with a 3:1 compression ratio. I switched things up with fast timing on the low side and slow timing for the highs. I was instantly struck by how musical my intentionally heavy squash on the low register sounded. The popped notes lost just a little bit of their inherent harshness and fit better into the line I was playing, a bit like slapping through a tube preamp.

The Verdict — In spite of the larger footprint, the CompIQ TWAIN is still a relatively small pedal considering it has the controls of two compressors in one unit. The engineering feat is admirable, but a few of the switches are a little hard to reach if you have “bass player fingers.” The number of features available make this Becos compressor hard to beat for users who demand a wide variety of compression options for different styles and multiple basses. Many compression pedals lose their allure when you can actually hear the compression working. The Becos shines in the heavier settings – compressing like some of the legendary rack units.

Read the entire review here. Archived pdf – CompIQ Twain Review – Guitar Magazine – Oct 2020 – p116.

Thank you Premier Guitar for reviewing the Twain! ❤️

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