CompIQ Twain reviewed by Sound on Sound Magazine

We are once again honored to have a product reviewed by the prestigious Sound on Sound Magazine – UK, in its September 2021 issue. This time, the CompIQ Twain is put to the test. There are a few thoughts of the editor:

In the CompIQ Twain, Becos have built on that idea to create a pedal that I think it’s fair to say is unique. […] Whatever bass style you’re playing, the Twain can put you in total control: everyone will think it’s effortless brilliance on your part! The saturation processors, used in conjunction with the Mix control, can take your instrument tone from clean and pristine to a warm and nicely crunchy breakup. It’s pretty addictive! […] In summary – A supremely versatile two-band dynamics processor that can handle instrument or line sources. I don’t know of anything else out there that can match it. — Matt Houghton, SOS mag, Sep.2021

Thank you SOS Magazine for reviewing our products!

Read the entire review online or archived here.