Worldwide Delivery from within EU/Romania

We ship worldwide if your country is supported by the carriers we use. If your country is not supported or has an extra shipping fee, we will let you know before shipping. Some shipping services are available only for certain countries. Here is what you need to know about shipping:

  • We usually dispatch fast, from stock, within 2 business days from purchase date, unless otherwise notified by email.
  • We will ship to your Paypal recorded address. Be sure is the correct address, or make a note into the transaction comments, if you want the package delivered to a different address.
  • We record carrier and tracking information per order details in your account. Please check your order details after is marked Complete.
  • We do not put selling papers in the package nor declare value, but the buyer is responsible for customs fees if charged by each destination country’s authority. EU destination countries will definitely NOT charge customs fees because we ship from within the European Union.
  • Delays may be expected before, during and after holidays like Christmas, Easter, national day offs, etc.


Delivery Time Statistics
This is the confirmed arrival time for packages sent with the FREE Economy Shipping with Tracking by Romanian Post, as collected from users who answered our survey (available per order details in user account, or here). The graphic is compiled for all countries of destination, as derived from the survey responses. We will update this information as responses pile up.

BECOS Shipments - Estimated Time Of Arival

How long did it take for your package to arrive?
Answer Count Gross percentage
Less than 1 week (A1) 4 23.53%
Within 2 weeks (A2) 7 41.18%
Within 3 weeks (A3) 3 17.65%
Within 4 weeks (A4) 2 11.76%
Within 5 weeks (A5) 1 5.88%
Over 5 weeks (A6) 0 0.00%
No answer 0 0.00%
Not completed or Not displayed 0 0.00%
Total(gross) 17 100.00%



Shipping Options

FREE Economy Shipping by Romanian Post – Worldwide Destinations

We sponsor this small package economy service which is offered FREE to all our customers, on worldwide deliveries. The International letter mail with acknowledgment of receipt and tracking service is fulfilled by Romanian Post. Over years of using this service we can say that despite being slower, it is very reliable.

  • While on Romanian territory, the package can be tracked on Romanian Post. In transit, the parcel cannot always be tracked, although you could try this third party tracking system.
  • When parcel enters the destination country, it may or may not be tracked again on the corresponding national Post’s tracking page – if such a service is available. Some countries do not process a Romanian tracking number on their online tracking forms, but they do have it on record on their internal systems. Sometimes, the destination national Post may commission the delivery to minor local shipping partners, and in such cases, the tracking does not show on Post’s tracking system. If you wish to find details on what it appears like delayed delivery, please contact your local Post.
  • This is a slower economy service but based on customer experience, we estimate that delivery may take around 15 business days to reach destinations in the USA, Canada, and some European countries. Many times it will take less. At times, it will take more. Do not panic. Be patient.
  • For remote destinations such as Australia, South America or Asian countries delivery takes longer. We cannot precisely estimate, nor guarantee, but some parcels were confirmed being delivered within less than 4 weeks after parcels left our country.

Note: After receiving a package shipped with this option, please confirm the delivery time. This will help us make a better prediction for the future.


Paid EMS Express Mail Service by Romanian Post – EU Only Destinations

The EMS Express Mail Service is a fast delivery shipping service which we can offer as a paid option for destinations in the European Union only. This service is fulfilled by Romanian Post which is an official EMS partner. Packages can be tracked directly on EMS Global Network. This service is expensive but it is faster: 5-7 days delivery time.

€29 up to 500 gr
€ 34 for 500 gr to 1 Kg
€ 37 for 1 Kg to 1.5 Kg
€ 39 for 1.5 Kg to 2 Kg

Note: Due to EU regulations, when using EMS for destinations outside EU, we need to pass the open package through a Customs inspection, which unfortunately is too time and energy consuming, so we cannot offer this service to other destinations. Unfortunately again, other local shipping operators like DHL, TNT or FedEx charge insane rates for worldwide delivery. We cannot offer this option, but customers may arrange deliveries directly with them.