CompIQ MINI Pro Compressor is a unique featured compressor / limiter pedal, with qualities rivaled only by expensive studio gear.
Gitarre Und Bass Dec 2020 STELLA & TWAIN GIVEAWAY
Get the Gitarre und Bass magazine December 2020 issue to find out the monthly CODE, simply write the keyword BECOS on the participation card (page 187) and send it off.
CompIQ STELLA Pro Compressor
CompIQ Stella Pro is a full-featured compressor / limiter pedal which provides an unprecedented amount of control through its many parameters.
CompIQ TWAIN Dual-Band / Stacked Compressor for Bass and Guitar
Many compression pedals lose their allure when you can actually hear the compression working. The Becos CompIQ Twain shines in the heavier settings – compressing like some of the legendary rack units.