Cezar Popescu

Cezar Popescu is a talented Romanian guitarist best known for his work with several prominent Romanian bands, including Vita de Vie, Days of Confusion, and Domination. He began playing guitar in 1995 and has been honing his craft ever since.

Popescu’s music career took off with Vita de Vie, a popular Romanian rock band with socially conscious lyrics and energetic performances. As a member of the band, he contributed to several albums, including “Sunetul Mai Tare” (2002), “Nimeni Altcineva” (2005), and “Primitiv” (2015).

In addition to his work with Vita de Vie, Popescu is a member of the Pantera Tribute Band called Domination, which he joined due to his childhood love for the American heavy metal band Pantera. He has also been working on a progressive rock project called Days of Confusion for the past years, showcasing his versatility as a guitarist.

Popescu is known for his technical skill and has gained a dedicated fan base in Romania and beyond. In 2019, he became an official endorser for Schechter Guitars. When he is not busy with his various musical projects, Popescu teaches guitar lessons and writes songs. He is also a self-proclaimed sports fanatic and cat lover.

BECOS pedals used

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