CompIQ MINI Pro Compressor Pedal for Guitar & Bass

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CompIQ MINI Pro Compressor is a unique featured audio compression pedal, with qualities rivaled only by expensive studio compressors. It provides the amount of control and versatility needed for professional dynamic processing, while preserving the musical response and transparency of analog circuitry. 

CIQ-2 Manual


Studio grade audio compression from such a tiny pedal? Yes.

CompIQ MINI Pro Compressor pedal is an all analog studio grade compressor, built around a high quality THAT Analog Engine®. It features: Ratio, Threshold, Make-up Gain, Soft/Hard Compression Knee, Fast/Slower Dynamic Auto Attack & Release Timing and Dry/Wet Mix control for a perfect blend of processed and clean signal (aka parallel compression). A true RMS-level detector measures input signal and applies accurate compression through a transparent sounding, high performance Blackmer® VCA. The amount of compression is indicated by a responsive 5-LED display, for a visual feedback over how much the signal is processed. The True Bypass signal routing leaves audio untouched when pedal is not engaged, even if it’s not powered.

All analog, accurate, transparent compression!

CompIQ MINI Pro Compressor was designed with guitar in mind, but make no mistake, it can add warmth and dynamic feeling to any audio signal, including vocals – with an appropriate preamp. The variety of instruments that can benefit from CompIQ qualities is huge: electric guitar & bass, string instruments, harmonica, brass instruments, synthesizers, etc.. This tiny little box is a mighty weapon of dynamic processing! You will simply not gonna find this many features and this quality of sound, in such a pedal form factor, anywhere.


CIQ-2 Manual

Additional information

Weight 0.163 kg
Dimensions 92 × 37 × 55 cm
Features Summary

All analog circuitry made with highest quality components, in a compact, low profile design
True RMS-level sensor
High performance Blackmer® VCA
Manual continuous controls: Ratio (1:1 to inf:1), Threshold (-40dB to +10dB), Make-up Gain (-20dB to +20dB), Dry/Wet Mix
Soft/Hard Compression Knee selector
Fast/Slower Dynamic Timing selector
5-LED Compression Display
True Bypass;
1590A road worthy black powdered aluminium enclosure;
MSRP: 169 Euro;
Made in EU/Romania;

Technical Specifications

Input impedance: 1MΩ
Output impedance: less than 100Ω
Ratio: 1:1 to inf:1
Threshold: -40dB to +10dB
Make-up gain: -20dB to +20dB
0dB input referrence level: -20dBu (77.5mV)
Total amount of compression: depends on input signal level, usually 20dB for input signals around -20dBu (77.5mV) and up to 36dB for +4dBu (1.23Vrms) input signal level, all at inf:1 Ratio
Attack time: ~7ms (in Fast setting – jumper OFF); ~15ms (in Slower, default setting – jumper ON)
Release time: ~70ms (in Fast setting – jumper OFF); ~220ms (in Slower, default setting – jumper ON)
Dynamic Attack and Release: transients are handled faster; steady signals are handled slower
Output noise at 0dBV gain: -95dBV
Total Harmonic Distortion THD: 0.05% for -5dBV input signal level @ 1kHz
Wet output frequency response: -2dB @ 40Hz; 0dB in between 100Hz and 22KHz
Dry output frequency response: FLAT; 0dB in between 10Hz and 100KHz
5-LED Display: calibrated for designed referrence input level of -20dBu (77.5mV), to accomodate electric guitars and bass pickups; compression occurs beyond -20dB Red LED indication, when input signal is stronger
External power voltage: 9-12VDC
DC power connector polarity: center negative [ – ]
DC power plug barrel: Ø 5.1/2.1mm, 12-15mm long
Current consumption: < 25mA


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