BECOSFX CompIQ MINI ONE Compressor - Review - Vintage Guitar - USA - January 2022

CompIQ MINI ONE reviewed by Vintage Guitar Magazine 🇺🇸

We’re starting the New Year 2022 with a review for the CompIQ MINI One Pro Compressor published in the Vintage Guitar Magazine in the USA. here’s the conclusion:

Vintage Guitar Magazine - USA - Cover - January 2022“Plugged in, the CompIQ MINI One is stone-simple to use. No matter how you set it, the Mini One is a fine little box that does a lot of work, adding a professional sheen to your live and studio tone while freeing up pedalboard space and offering set-it-and-forget-it operation.” – Pete Prown, Vintage Guitar – January 2022, Page 84


Thank you, VG for reviewing our gear!

Read the review online. Archived PDF.