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User account

A user account will be created when you first order in our online shop. During checkout,  you will need to select a username and a password along with a valid e-mail address if you wish to complete the order. A user account on our website allows you to later access your order details for notes, shipment tracking information, product serial number, etc. and also to open tickets in Helpdesk – if needed – for general questions, order related issues, technical support or warranty issues.

An account may be created on request for a user who purchased our products through a third party vendor. However, that purchase will not be present in the account details but custom Helpdesk tickets can be created and future purchases can be made.

Only users who purchased our products can have an account with us.


We accept Paypal payments (requiring Paypal account) and Debit/Credit Card processed through Paypal (it doesn’t require Paypal account).


The shop’s default currency is the Euro (EUR). A currency switcher may be available to display prices in different currencies. Purchases can be made in Euro or any of the available currencies. Conversion rates against the Euro are updated periodically from the Central European Bank and adjusted to match the PayPal conversion rates.


Product prices are displayed without VAT tax.


We moved the activity to an individual small enterprise and we do not collect the VAT until we reach a certain business level.


Discounts may be applied in the Cart and Checkout process by using Discount Coupon Codes obtained individually or through various Promotions.

At times, we may run sale campaigns with lower prices for selected products, or offering other incentives. The promotions may be global or targeted for selected countries. They may happen randomly or, around and/or during special days of the year. Be sure to visit us often or connect with our social media pages to be notified of such events. You may also subscribe to our Newsletter (see page footer).


Unless otherwise notified, we dispatch within a couple of business days. If a product is not already assembled and needs to be built after you placed your order you will be notified by email on how long it will usually take.

Please read all about shipping here.

If we cannot dispatch to a specific area of the world or country, even after your order was placed, we reserve the right to cancel that order. A full refund will be issued.


We work hard and try to keep the delivery time for back-orders as short as possible. Click the back-order link on the product page for details. You will also receive ETD by mail after an order is placed and will keep you informed of any delays that may arise.

Sells are final

We cannot accept returns, except for claimed damaged products, which are covered by warranty. At this point, we cannot offer a try & return policy because we assemble each product by hand, one by one, basically on-the-fly, per your order. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to satisfy people who just want to try things. We hope you can understand that. Each product is a custom build.

Order canceling

You have the right to cancel your order as long as it is not shipped.

We have the right to cancel an order before dispatching if we decide we have reasons not to or we cannot fulfill that order. In such a case, you will be notified by email and per order details in your account and a full refund will be issued.


We offer a premium 3-years international transferable warranty. Read the warranty terms.


We always respond to e-mails, fast and detailed. If you have pre/after-sale questions or concerns, please contact us or open a support ticket in Helpdesk. Customers can access the Helpdesk from product pages or from their accounts, after purchase. Guests can send a particular request through the Helpdesk but they will not be able to access their ticket afterward – they can only reply to emails. Please note that our communication with you is subject to Privacy Policy.


Products may change or evolve without notice.

As we struggle to improve ourselves and our products, we may change product specifications, designs, and features without notice. As a result, at transition times you may receive a newer product that may look different than the one depicted in pictures at the moment of purchase. Rest assured, it is very likely you may receive a product with improved features or with more options or using different looking components. We want to make great products, so we must change things from time to time. If versioning needs notice, then we will specify that in the product description, letting you know what is radically different. Otherwise, we will not bother you with tech details.

Hand-built products may have little cosmetic imperfections.

We do our best to make exquisite products not only on the inside – by circuit design and fabrication and assembly -, but also on the outside. However, due to the very nature of hand working or due to the tools we are using, there is a possibility that some minor cosmetic differences may arise from one build to another. Such little imperfections may be holes alignment, LED’s vertical/horizontal alignment, tighter screws or nuts, hand labels, knob markings, handwritten or printed or etched serials or annotations, paint chips and dings in the enclosure or markings, knob movements, etc. All these little imperfections will not affect the way the product function or impede you from using it the way you expect it to. If such imperfections pass above a quality control threshold they will be marked and listed as “blem product” and they will have their price adjusted accordingly. If such marking is not present on the listing but still exists in the product, we will first check-up with you by mail. Such products may also be offered in promotions or discounted listings.

Technical knowledge is required for the installation of electric devices, electronic circuits, electronic products, and parts. Mechanical challenges are the user’s burden.

You, the buyer or user, are the only person in charge of solving electrical, mechanical, or other technical problems that may arise during installation, setting up, or usage of our products. We assume no responsibility for the way you use the purchased product and we will not be liable for any loss and destruction of any kind, including but not limited to loss of profit or other damages occurring with the implementation and usage of the purchased product. You are, as a buyer and/or user, the sole person responsible for the risks involved by installation and usage of the purchased product and we are not liable if you’re breaking an instrument, an amplifier, or other electric or electronic equipment, or properties, or if you hurt yourself or others in the process.

Copyright & Trademarks

All brand names mentioned on our web pages, presentations, and in the documentation provided with or for the products we fabricate and sell, are property and registered trademarks of their owners. We are not affiliated with either of them.

Media files, documents, and information provided throughout our website which is the property of BECOS FX are published under copyright and protected by law.