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All sells are final

We cannot accept returns except for claimed damaged products.

Order canceling

You have the right to cancel your order as long as it is not shipped.


Please read our warranty terms.

E-mail Support

We always respond to e-mails with questions and concerns. Please, just ask.


Products may change or evolve without notice.

As we struggle to improve ourselves and our products, we may change products specifications, design, and features without notice. As a result, at transition times you may receive a newer product that may look different than the one depicted in pictures at the moment of purchase. Rest assured, it is very likely you may receive a product with improved features or with more options, or using different looking components. We want to make great products, so we must change things from time to time. If versioning needs notice, then we will specify that in product description, letting you know what is radically different. Otherwise, we will not bother you with tech details.

Technical knowledge is required for installation of electric devices, electronic circuits and parts.

You, the buyer or user, are the only person in charge for solving electrical, mechanical or other technical problems that may arise during installation or usage of our products. We assume no responsibility for the way you use the purchased product and we will not be liable for any loss and destruction of any kind, including but not limited to loss of profit or other damages occurring in relation to implementation and usage of purchased product. You are, as a buyer and/or user, the sole person responsible for the risks involved by installation and usage of the purchased product and we are not liable if you’re breaking an instrument, an amplifier, or other electric or electronic equipment, or properties, or if you hurt yourself or others in the process.

Copyright & Trademarks

All brand names mentioned on our web pages, presentations and in the documentation provided with or for the products we fabricate and sell, are property and registered trademarks of their owners. We are not affiliated with neither of them.

Media files, documents and information provided throughout our website is property of BECOS Electronics, published under copyright and protected by law.

By buying and/or by using our products you agree and consent with these legal terms.