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By using our website and making purchases from us, you confirm your understanding and agreement to comply with the terms and conditions stated here, including our Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to modify these policies as deemed necessary, without the obligation to provide prior notice.

Our website

The https://becosfx.com website is owned and operated by BECOSFX EU Austria. You can email us directly at our contact form. Learn more about us.

Product and service availability

We offer our website’s functionality, our business services, and our products as they are, without making any indefinite guarantees or commitments. Typically, they are available as long as we remain in operation. We have the right to modify, adjust, temporarily suspend or cease our business offerings as we see fit, without prior notification.

Due to our resource limitations, we may be unable to provide direct communication, service availability, technical assistance, and support to users located outside of the countries where we offer direct shipping or where our partners are based. This especially applies to individuals who acquire our products through intermediaries or third parties.

The content on our website may not be accessible in all countries around the world.

At present, we can only offer communication and provide product information, technical documentation, and product manuals in the English language.

Website user account

While it’s possible to place orders as a guest without creating a user account, you have the option to create a user account during your initial order in our online shop. During the checkout process, you can choose a username and password, in addition to providing a valid email address if you wish to proceed with the order. Having a user account on our website grants you access to your order details, order notes, shipment tracking information, product serial numbers, access support and feedback forms, and other related information.

Refer to our Privacy Policy for other details on personal data processing and retention.

Pricing policy

Our products are offered at competitive pricing for each region we sell to. Prices shown on the website for countries where sales tax applies include sales tax (Austrian VAT).

Sales tax

  • If your purchase is shipped within the European Union (EU), a 20% sales tax (Austrian VAT) will be added.
  • Purchases sent outside the EU won’t have the sales tax included, and their invoices will be marked for export.
  • EU-based companies with valid VAT IDs confirmed through VIES during checkout won’t be charged the sales tax. Invoices will be marked for intra-EU dispatch/delivery.
  • Austrian companies purchasing locally will have Austrian VAT included.
  • You can view the applicable tax amount in your cart and during checkout.
  • The basis for tax application is the shipping address.

Payment methods

We currently accept the following payment methods, most of them available through Stripe Payment Gateway (not all payment methods are available for all regions):

  • Bank/Wire Transfer (BACS)
  • Debit/Credit Card
  • Klarna
  • giropay
  • EPS
  • iDEAL
  • Bancontact
  • Multibanco
  • Przelewy24
  • Apple Pay
  • PaymentRequest (browser-supported Google Pay and Microsoft Pay)
  • Revolut
  • PayPal

Payment term

Payment is required upon ordering, with some payment methods processed instantly. However, certain methods may initially place the order in a ‘Pending Payment’ status until completion through external payment processing forms (e.g. Klarna, giropay) although an email will be sent . Pending payment orders left unpaid for more than 30 minutes will be automatically canceled to release reserved stock.

If you opt for bank/wire transfer (BACS), your order will be marked as ‘Pending Payment.’ Please initiate prompt payment and email us the bank confirmation to update your order.

In the event of an anticipated or delayed payment for a canceled order (which might not automatically update to ‘Paid/Processing’ status), please send us the payment confirmation. This will allow us to update the order status to ‘Processing’ for fulfillment.

Canceled orders which remain unpaid are removed after 7 days.

Payment fees

Typically, we fully cover the payment processing fees. However, there are instances where these fees may be split between you and us or passed on entirely to the buyer, and if so, they will be shown during the checkout process.

Payment processing fees are generally non-refundable, but exceptions might apply if the banks or payment institutions that levy these fees also refund them.

Payment discounts

At checkout, you can choose certain direct payment methods (BACS, iDEAL, EPS, Giropay) that may qualify for either a fixed or percentage-based discount applied to your total order amount.

Order cancellation

Customers have the option to cancel an order at any time before its shipment. To request an order cancellation, please send a notice to info@becosfx.com or use our contact form. We will respond promptly.

We reserve the right to cancel an order before dispatch if there are compelling reasons that prevent us from fulfilling the order. In such situations, customers will receive notifications via email and find order-specific details in their accounts. A full refund will be issued in such cases.

Order cancellation is also subject to the Refunds Policy below.

Return policy

Our returns policy has a 14-day duration. If more than 14 days have passed since you received your item, we regret that we cannot accept a return and provide a refund. To qualify for a refund, your item must meet the following criteria:

  • The item should be unused and in the same condition as when it was delivered to you.
  • The item must be in its original packaging.

Sending a return

To initiate a product return, please contact us, and we will provide you with a specific return address via email.

You will be responsible for covering the shipping expenses when returning the item to us, similar to the initial shipping costs you paid when we dispatched the item to you. As a result, shipping costs are non-refundable.

To ensure the return’s safe delivery, please use a traceable shipping service and actively track its progress. While we cannot guarantee the arrival of your returned item, we will send you a confirmation email once it reaches our address.

Refund policy for returned products or canceled unshipped orders

Upon receiving your return, we will promptly send you an email to confirm its arrival. The approval or denial of your refund request will be communicated, especially in cases involving physical product abuse or accidental damages. If your request is approved, we will initiate the refund which will be credited back to your original payment method within 7-14 days. The refund amount is calculated based on the net amount we initially received from your payment, which might be less than your original payment if processing fees were incurred on our end.

Refund deductions

For refund of returns, the initial shipping costs will be subtracted from the original order total.

Payment processing fees and other non-refundable fees imposed and retained by banks or payment gateways that facilitated your initial payment, will also be subtracted from the original order total.

Shipments not picked up by accident or within the designated pickup timeframe, where this option is available, and returned to us, will have the return cost deducted from your eligible refund amount. Receiving undeliverable shipments may take longer than the time it took to reach your destination because we always opt for the cheapest undeliverable returns (ground shipments), to minimize the loss incurred to the customer. Refunds for these cases will only be initiated after the undeliverable shipments have been received by us.

Refund fees

You are accountable for any processing fees imposed by your bank or financial institution receiving the refund we issue.

Refund statements

The refunds may take 5-10 days to appear on your statement. If you need proof of refund from us, please contact us.

Refunds for cancellations

Cancellation requests made by customers for orders already paid for but not yet shipped will be refunded following the same terms previously mentioned.

Shipping and dispatch information

For specific details regarding available shipping methods, please refer to our Shipping page.

We aim to dispatch orders within a few business days. In cases where a product requires assembly after the order is placed, you will receive an email notification indicating the expected timeframe.

While we want to provide shipping options at reasonable rates, these options may not be the quickest available. If you prefer a faster and more expedited shipping service, including parcel collection, you can make these arrangements independently. We kindly request that you contact us first should you wish to do so.

It’s important to note that some destinations may not be supported or could be temporarily suspended. To explore alternative options, check the product pages and our Where To Buy section to determine if our products are available for purchase through our dealers in your country.

Shipping costs for products that have been shipped are non-refundable.

Delivery time

The shipping times are not guaranteed, as they are subject to the conditions set by the transporters providing their services. While we can expedite the dispatch of your order, we do not have control over the actual shipping services offered by the contracted transporter.

Occasionally, unforeseen circumstances may lead to delivery delays. In such cases, we recommend your patience or contacting the shipping company directly. You can provide them with your tracking number to inquire about your shipment’s status.

Duty taxes

Customers within the European Union (EU) are exempt from paying duty taxes when receiving products from us.

Customers outside the European Union (EU) are responsible for paying duty and other applicable taxes on products they receive. These are considered imports by customs authorities, and each country has its own import regulations, which may allow lower or no taxes for small-value packages. Please check with your local authorities to understand how duty taxes may apply to our products. To speed up customs processes, a personal tax number or EORI may be required by authorities and shipping companies. You can provide this information during checkout for use in our export documents.

Lost shipments

While instances of lost shipments are highly uncommon, in such rare cases, we promptly initiate a formal investigation with the shipping company. We will keep you informed about the progress of this investigation. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated throughout this process. Rest assured, as all our shipments are insured, if the carrier confirms the shipment as lost, reimbursement for your order will be promptly processed thereafter.

Lost shipments are fully refunded or products replaced, at the customer’s choice.

Undeliverable shipments

Shipments may be deemed undeliverable if the recipient is unavailable at the destination address during the delivery attempt or refuse or fails to pick up the package from the local pickup point or post office. After several unsuccessful delivery attempts and a specific number of days, determined by the shipper’s service policy in the destination region, the shipment will automatically return to us. This return incurs a cost that we are obligated to cover.

In such cases, if you wish to have your package re-shipped, you will be required to pay for both the undeliverable return shipment and the new shipment (costs to be communicated before re-initiating a new shipment). Alternatively, if you opt for a refund, the cost associated with the undeliverable return shipment will be deducted, along with all other non-refundable costs, from the eligible refund amount.

Receiving undeliverable shipments may take longer than the time it took to reach your destination because we always opt for the cheapest undeliverable returns (ground shipments), to minimize the loss incurred. Refunds for these cases will only be initiated after the undeliverable shipments have been received by us.


We aim to minimize the delivery time for back-ordered items. For specific details, you can visit the back-order link on the product page. Upon placing a backorder, you will receive an Estimated Time of Delivery (ETD) via email, which will keep you informed of any potential delays.

Promotional discounts

Occasionally, we provide product discounts or incentives such as free shipping, which may be limited to specific countries. For free shipping, the shipping method will be determined by us, but you can choose a faster, paid option, if available for your destination during Cart and Checkout.

Blem products

Sometimes we may have products with minor cosmetic issues like paint chips, or small physical dents or scratches on the enclosures. Their functionality will not be affected in any way by these minor flaws. Such products may be offered with a discount. These products are offered with a full warranty, according to our Warranty Terms.


We provide a premium 3-year direct-to-manufacturer international and transferable limited warranty for our products. Put simply, we cover the product regardless of ownership or where and from whom it was purchased. No purchase receipts are conditioning the warranty. Read the Support and Warranty Terms.

Technical support

We address any relevant questions about our products and services. Whether you have inquiries before or after a purchase, encounter technical problems, or face any product-related misunderstandings, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our communication with you is subject to Privacy Policy.


Alternative Dispute Resolution in accordance with Art. 14 (1) ODR-VO and § 36 VSBG:

The european commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (OS) which is accessible at https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr. Consumers may use this platform for the settlements of their disputes. We are in principle prepared to participate in an extrajudicial arbitration proceeding.


Our products are subject to continuous improvement and evolution. In our quest to enhance both ourselves and our offerings, we may modify product specifications and features without prior notification. Consequently, during transitional periods, you may receive a newer product that might appear different from what is depicted in pictures at the time of purchase. However, rest assured that this updated product is likely to boast improved features, additional options, or employ different-looking components. Our commitment to creating exceptional products requires periodic changes. If a specific version or alteration warrants notification, we will include such details in the product description, ensuring you are informed of significant differences.

Hand-built products might exhibit minor cosmetic flaws. While we strive to create high-quality products through careful circuit design and assembly, the nature of manual craftsmanship and the tools we employ can lead to slight variations in appearance from one unit to another. These cosmetic differences may include variations in hole alignment, the vertical or horizontal positioning of LEDs, variations in screw or nut tightness, hand-applied labels, knob markings, handwritten, printed, or etched serial numbers or annotations, paint chips, minor dents or markings on the enclosure, or variations in knob movements, among other minor variances.

Hand-assembling large components like switches, connectors, and potentiometers onto pre-fabricated and pre-assembled SMD boards involves a meticulous, manual soldering process. Occasional splatters of flux or flux condensation on the boards may occur, particularly in areas with frequent soldering. In some instances, tiny drops of solder may inadvertently splatter upon contact with the soldering iron, which can adhere to adjacent components and evade routine visual inspection and board cleaning. While we make every effort to minimize these occurrences, they may happen. It’s important to emphasize that these minor flows are normal and will not affect the product’s functionality or hinder its intended use in any way.

The installation of electrical devices, electronic circuits, electronic products, and related parts requires technical knowledge and the use of appropriate tools. Mechanical challenges that may arise during the installation process on the user’s side are the responsibility of the user. As the buyer or user of our products, you bear full responsibility for addressing any electrical, mechanical, or other technical issues that may arise during the installation, setup, or usage of our products. We do not assume any responsibility for how you choose to use the product you have purchased, and we disclaim any liability for losses, damages, or any other forms of harm, including but not limited to financial losses or other damages, that may occur as a result of the implementation and use of the purchased product. We cannot be held liable if you damage musical instruments, amplifiers, other electrical or electronic equipment, personal or others’ properties, or cause harm to yourself or others during the process.

Credits, Copyright, and Trademarks

All brand names referenced on our website, in presentations, and in the documentation associated with the products we manufacture and offer for sale are the sole property and registered trademarks of their respective owners. Unless otherwise stated, we have no affiliations with any of these entities.

Media files, documents, and information presented on our website, which are the exclusive property of BECOS FX e.U., are published under copyright protection and are subject to legal safeguards.

You are permitted to utilize and distribute information (including text, diagrams, images, etc.) from our website, provided you give proper credit to the information’s source.

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