About Becos FX

We manufacture what we like to believe are great tone-shaping tools for professional musicians and sound producers. We focus on dynamic processing effects that offer control and flexibility for a wide range of applications. Our product portfolio is small but highly specialized, with the potential to be recognized as the best in class.

We design our products in-house. We often design PCBs in multi-layers and use Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold surface finish for pads which ensure perfect surface alignment, corrosion prevention while aiming for lifetime endurance. We avoid using wires in our builds to further eliminate the possibility of failure down the road.

We outsource PCB fabrication, SMD assembly, and enclosure printing to third parties. We perform the CNC machining ourselves and we use original Hammond aluminum enclosures for our pedals. We put everything together by hand, one product after another, in our micro lab, using the best electronic components we can source from reputable suppliers. We have an affinity for low tolerance metallic film resistors and we prefer stacked metalized film capacitors in the audio path, long-hour electrolytic capacitors for filtering, low-ESR tantalum capacitors where required, and high-performance dielectric in MLCC capacitors. We use top-quality audio-grade FET IC's in our builds.

We build to order but we try to keep a small buffer-stock of products for faster delivery. Sometimes we are either outpaced by demand or encounter delays in production due to unforeseen events. When building to order you may need to wait a few days for your product to be dispatched. We do not mass-produce our products.

We strive to be very good at what we are doing, and we have a built-to-last manufacturing philosophy. Our products are not cut for simplicity but tailored for audio performance and problem-solving instead. Performance comes with complications which may add to manufacturing costs but we want to put more value into our products. We want them to be highly competitive and have your investment secured for many years to come.

We offer a premium 3-Years Direct-To-Manufacturer, International, & Transferable Warranty. We respect and value the relationship with our customers and users and we strive to provide the best customer experience possible. We stand by our products with comprehensive pre and after-sales info, communication, and support and we respond rapidly and effectively to any inquiry in our Helpdesk and Contact Form.

If you want to delve more into our activity, to know how we actually do things and find out who, how, and why is using our products, please head to our Instagram, Facebook, and our other social pages, read our Blog or view Our Stories. You can also find out about other's experiences with our products on guitar & bass forums around the world. Sometimes the media puts us in the spotlight.

Thank you for your interest in Becos Effects!

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