Premium Warranty

Becos 3-Years Direct To Manufacturer Warranty, International & TransferableOur products are hand-made in the EU and covered by a 3-Years Direct To Manufacturer Warranty. It is we alone that we will handle the repairs, on our location only. The warranty is international and transferable and it covers not only the original purchaser but also a third-party buyer if the product is still within the warranty period. The warranty term starts the day the product is shipped to you (by us or by a dealer). We will need to know the place of purchase, your name and address, product model, and serial number.

Products purchased through an official dealer are covered by the same warranty terms.

What is covered

The warranty covers defects in parts and labor for the normal functionality and the tone of the product, as described in its presentation and operation manual at the date of purchase, under normal usage conditions. For example, but not limited to, normal usage means no physical abuse, no water immersion, no over cold or overheating exposure, no liquid spilling, no under/over voltage powering, no DC polarity inversion, no improper power source usage, etc.

What is not covered

Lost knobs, screws, washers, nuts, floating wires, detachable plugs, scratches and dents, enclosure’s paint and markings, are not covered by warranty.

The result of custom installations of our products performed by you or by third-parties which ends in improper functionality or non-functionality of the product into the integrating system (for example, but not limited to: preamps installed in instruments, pedals integrated into pedalboards, or racks, or a particular studio setup, etc.) are not covered by warranty.

The user bears the responsibility of proper installation and operation of the product, according to the manual and/or other valid specifications for it.

Sending a product for inspection and repair

The customer or the user is in charge of the expenses for sending the claimed non-functional product to us for inspection. A shipping service with a tracking number must be used.

An RMA form is to be present in the package along with the product when sent to us from outside the European Union.

Products sent in for check-ups and warranty must be declared with ZERO value on your customs declaration form. We will not pick up packages if the customs value is other than ZERO.

If the inspected product turns out to be fully functional, or if the product is non-functional due to improper usage, accidental electrical or physical damages, you will bear the expense for shipping the product back – PayPal pre-paid.

If the product is non-functional due to parts or workmanship failures will ship the repaired product back to you at our expense, using a shipping method of our choice.

Sending a product in without first opening a Warranty Ticket or initially contacting us for proper assessment results in losing the warranty.

How long does the repair take

We will check the product and fix it within 30 days of receiving it. If certain parts are required for the fix and temporarily missing you will be informed if more time is needed.


Be sure you have read and understood the product manual and product description and that you have learned how the product is supposed to work. Some products have FAQs or technical articles published online, so please read that too. If you are not sure if your issue is warranty related please contact us first.

Please be honest about the circumstances when the product started to underperform or stopped working. Accidents and errors happen and we have all the good intentions to help and support our users.

When you open a warranty ticket or send us an email request for support, describe your intended usage of the product, the common functional setup, the instrument used, the interconnections with other devices/pedals, the pedal chain, the amplifier used, the power source used, etc. Be detailed regarding the issues you have so we can understand your problem and help in an effective and timely manner. Proper communication can solve simple errors or misunderstandings.

To avoid the hassle of sending the products just for checking up, we will ask you to communicate with us during the initial assessment. We will ask for details like installation diagrams, photos of the products to verify if they were physically damaged, photos of knobs’ positions, photos of the serial number or the mainboard inside our pedals, phone recorded videos, or recorded sound samples, anything to better understand the problem you’re facing. If your issue may seem related to powering your devices we will ask you to verify your power supply and power connectors for correct voltage and polarity with a meter and show us pictures of the readings.

Check the product functionality individually (instrument > BECOS product > amp), to avoid possible influence from interconnection with other devices.

Inspect your electric instrument for proper functioning, the interconnecting signal cables, their plugs, the solder joints in these plugs, continuity and correct connections in the signal flow for your particular installations (especially for the Micro Booster), the correct functional voltage and polarity of batteries or power supplies, data cables, connectors, knobs position, switches position in relation to each other, etc.

Open a warranty claim

To start a claim, open a New Ticket in our Helpdesk. If you purchased the product from a partner or a third party and don’t have a user account on our website please contact us and we will process your request from there.

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