Ziffer Overdrive Review-Demo Video by The Wetter Bass

Ziffer Overdrive pedal review-demo video with bass made by The Wetter Bass

We’re very excited to have the Ziffer Overdrive pedal extensively demonstrated in this video review made by The Wetter Bass channel on YouTube.

“Who doesn’t appreciate the sonic qualities of a tube screamer but wished it sounded with more bottom end for bass? WISH NO MORE! This is, perhaps, the best tubescreamer for bass, that I know of. It has the right ingredients.” – The Wetter Bass

Check out the video below and let us know what you think. We recommend using headphones or a full-range audio system for the best listening experience.

Full disclosure:

  • The product for this review was provided free of charge.
  • The reviewer gets to keep the pedal.
  • We did not pay for this review.
  • We did not preview the content of the video before being released.