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The TS8-MS is a unique pedal in the world of classic guitar effect pedals because it combines MIDI capabilities with analog overdrive and channel switching features. It serves a dual purpose as both a traditional tubescreamer guitar effect and a guitar amplifier channel switcher. This pedal is designed to work seamlessly with MIDI Program Change and Control Change messages, making it easy to control its various functions. You can use it in MIDI Receive or MIDI Transmit modes. Additionally, it can function as a straightforward MIDI controller, allowing you to switch between three presets (Program Change numbers) and toggle between Bypass, Effect, and Extended (Long-Push) modes using a footswitch.

Guitar Magazine Editor's Choice - Boutique overdrive flavours meet versatile MIDI switching in a diminutive box .TS8-MS is revealing one of the most expressive and musical 808 sounds we’ve heard for some time. Chewy and aggressive with a powerful midrange.

This pedal’s core design focuses on combining a rich overdrive sound with the flexibility of a MIDI-based amplifier channel switcher. It’s not just an impressive 808-type overdrive effect on its own; it offers exceptional versatility to musicians who value flexibility in their gear.

 Quick Setup
 Control the TS8-MS with a MIDI transmitter (controller)
 Video Demo

TS8-MS is the only MIDI-enabled Analog Overdrive & MIDI Guitar Amp Channel Switcher in a classic and tiny guitar effect pedal!

The TS8-MS is a premium analog circuit boasting the classic 808 tubescreamer heritage tone, enriched with distinctive nuances. It’s more than just an overdrive effect, as it offers a useful range of MIDI functionalities and switching capabilities. Guitarists will appreciate the unparalleled reliability and versatility of this unique tool.

The TS8-MS responds to MIDI Program Change (PC) and MIDI Control Change (CC) messages for all switching functions, including bypass. The pedal can also serve as a straightforward MIDI Controller, transmitting three MIDI Program Change numbers for each pedal state – Bypass, Overdrive, and Extended (long push on the footswitch) -, while still performing as an analog overdrive effect.

The internal 16-position Multi-Function Switch assigns a switching pattern for the two independent Switching Relays, in relation to the pedal’s state (Bypass, Overdrive, or Extended). This pattern applies exclusively to footswitch action, independent of the MIDI-controlled switching capabilities. This same switch also sets the MIDI Channel for the pedal, either in receive or transmit modes.

It’s important to note that the TS8-MS does not store presets. Instead, users must configure a programmable MIDI Controller (such as the Rocktron Midimate) with the appropriate MIDI messaging to which the TS8-MS will respond. We encourage all users to read the manual and quick setup guide for a comprehensive understanding of this pedal’s capabilities.

From smooth overdriven tone to rawer distortion voicing

The TS8-MS MIDI Overdrive is equipped with classic analog controls, including Gain, Tone, and Output, alongside a 3-toggle switch for selecting clipping modes, offering expanded tonal possibilities for discerning guitarists. The three available voicings are:

  • Classic: utilizing symmetric clipping with Silicon diodes, this mode delivers a classic tubescreamer feel and sound, providing increased compression and saturation.

  • Asymmetric: also utilizing Silicon diodes, this mode introduces a touch of air into the clipping, adding more gain and proving particularly effective for use with higher gain amplifiers.

  • Custom: equipped with our proprietary selection of LEDs, this mode is best suited for clean tones or as a boost in lower gain settings. When applied to higher gain settings, it delivers wilder distortion.

In all voicings, the TS8-MS delivers dynamic, tube-like, musical distortion with gentle recovery, complementing the player’s playing dynamic gracefully. When using the TS8-MS, the instrument’s volume control becomes a valuable tool for shaping your sound. Higher gain settings produce more clipping, compression, and singing sustain, especially in Classic and Asymmetric modes, while LED’s provide a more pronounced distortion effect.

In summary, what you can do with the TS8-MS?

The TS8-MS is a MIDI overdrive/switcher pedal, capable of serving as a regular overdrive pedal with exceptional analog sound quality. The device is based on the renowned 808 platform, which has been modified to enhance its lower-end response, improve its low-gain performance, and provide a more precise and well-structured overdrive at higher gain settings, resulting in better mix cut.

The TS8-MS also enables MIDI channel switching on an amplifier, a notable achievement as most amplifiers do not respond to MIDI commands from an external MIDI controller, requiring a specialized device for remote channel switching. Additionally, the TS8-MS allows for remote activation of the overdrive with MIDI commands – PC and/or CC, not just channel switching.

TS8-MS Extended SwitchingFurthermore, the TS8-MS can be utilized as a straightforward MIDI controller, allowing for the transmission of only three PC presets. The ability to switch amplifier channels, activate the overdrive effect, and trigger a multi-effect such as delay or reverb with a single pedal makes it an attractive option for those looking for a simple setup. For example, the footswitch can be pressed to bypass the overdrive, switch the amp to the clean channel, and send MIDI PC#1 to a multi-effect like Eventide H9 for reverb. Pressing the footswitch again will engage the overdrive, switch the amp to a crunch channel, and send MIDI PC#2 to the multi-effect for a different preset. Finally, a long-press of the footswitch can be used to change the amp channel once more, activate or bypass the overdrive, and send MIDI PC#3 to the multi-effect for a delay or other effect.

Available in mini format

For those who do not require the MIDI switching capabilities, we have introduced a miniaturized version of this circuit – the Ziffer Overdrive. This product, endorsed by Jordan Ziff, the renowned guitarist of Hot Crazy, Ratt, and Marty Friedman band, provides the same fundamental tonal characteristics as the TS8-MS, as well as an additional “Deep” switch that enhances the lower frequencies in the clipping stage. In addition, the Ziffer incorporates two extra trimmers: a “Mix” control for blending clean dry sounds with the overdriven wet tones, and a “Dry EQ” control for introducing either flat clean or elevated highs and lows. These additional features enable further refinement of the overdrive effect, particularly when using single-coil or bass instruments. We encourage you to explore this exciting new product.

Demo with lower level on background track for better effect audition.

Switching amp channels + engaging TS8-MS using a MIDI controller.

More info

 Quick Setup
 Control the TS8-MS with a MIDI transmitter (controller)
 9V Alcaline Battery recommended. 9-12V DC external power supply (not included), center negative, 12mm long barrel plug.

Box Weight 0,31 kg
Box Dimensions 13 × 8 × 5,5 cm
Technical Specifications

Input impedance: 500KΩ
Output impedance: 10KΩ
Clipping: Symmetrical (Silicon diodes), Asymmetrical (Silicon diodes), Custom (our selection of Red LEDs)
MIDI receive: Responds to Program Change and Control Change messages for pedal Bypass/Effect switching and External Switching Relays switching
Footswitch: performs multiple functions simultaneously – Effect/Bypass/Extended switching, External Switching Relays action and MIDI Program Change transmit
By-pass type: Buffered Bypass or Relay True Bypass
External Switching: Latching or Momentary – 2 relays linked to a stereo 1/4 TRS connector can be used to switch channels on a guitar amplifier
External power voltage: 9V DC, center negative [ – ], power supply not included
DC power plug barrel: Ø 5.1/2.1mm, 12mm long
Battery optimal voltage: 8-10 VDC (9V alkaline battery recommended for 4 to 8 hours operation time)
Current consumption: < 40 mAh
Product weight: 250 gr.
Packed weight: 295 gr.
Simulate on pedalboard: Pedaltrain's https://pedalboardplanner.com

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