MIDI Enabled Analog Overdrive / Amp Channel Switcher Pedal

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TS8-MS is the only MIDI enabled Analog Overdrive & MIDI Switcher in a classic guitar effect pedal! It can be used concomitantly as classic tube screamer guitar effect and guitar amplifier channel switcher. It responds to MIDI Program Change and Control Change messages for all its switching functions, which perform simultaneously in either MIDI Receive or in MIDI Transmit mode. It can also be used as simple MIDI Controller, transmitting 3 preset numbers while foot-switching for all other functions.


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TS8-MS is the only MIDI enabled Analog Overdrive & MIDI Guitar Amp Channel Switcher in a classic and tiny guitar effect pedal!

TS8-MS is an analog overdrive pedal with classic 808 tubescreamer feel but with added quirks. It is hand built in a compact and roadworthy Hammond 1590B aluminum case. Alongside being a tubescreamer pedal it combines MIDI functionalities and switching capabilities. It can be used as MIDI amp channel switcher making it a reliable, one-of-a-kind tool for guitarists. We call it the Swiss Army Knife of Tone.

I can say, this is a neat overdrive! It has MIDI capabilities, it can change an amp channel, but first and foremost, it sounds SWEET!Marco Sfogli - Lead Guitarist at James LaBrie

TS8-MS responds to MIDI Program Change and MIDI Control Change messages for all its switching capabilities – bypass and external switching.

It can even be used as a very simple MIDI Controller! On footswitch action, TS8-MS transmits three MIDI Program Change numbers, one for each pedal state: Bypass, Overdrive, and Extended (long push on the footswitch).

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Additional information

Weight 0.335 kg
Dimensions 120 × 61 × 31 cm
Features Summary

Classic 808 sounding analog overdrive, made with highest quality components, in a compact, low profile design;
3-clipping options: Symmetrical, Asymmetrical (Silicon diodes), Custom (LED\\\'s or your choice);
Responds to MIDI Program Change and Control Change messages for pedal Bypass/Effect switching and External Switching Relays switching, which function simultaneously;
Footswitch performs multiple functions simultaneously: Effect/Bypass/Extended switching, External Switching Relays action and MIDI Program Change transmit;
Bypass setting: chosse between Buffered Bypass or Relay True Bypass;
Switching mode for External Switching Relays: Latching or Momentary;
Gold plated fully sealed relays used for pedal True Bypass and External Switching (2 relays linked to a stereo 1/4 TRS connector can be used to switch guitar amplifier\\\'s channels);
Customization friendly: swap IC, clipping semiconductors and indicator LED\\\'s;

Technical Specifications

Input impedance: 500KΩ
Output impedance: 10KΩ
Battery optimal working voltage: 8-10 VDC (9 V alkaline battery recommended)
External power voltage: 9VDC
DC power connector polarity: center negative [ – ]
DC power plug barrel: Ø 5.1/2.1mm, 12-15mm long
Operation time on alcaline battery: 4 to 8 hours
Current consumption: 28 mAh – 40 mAh
Product size: Length: 120 mm, Width: 61 mm, Height: 31 mm
Product weight: 276 gr. (including battery)
Packed weight: 335 gr.
RoHS Compliance: Partial.
MSRP: 249 Euro
Made in EU/Romania


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Marco Sfogli TS8-MS-MIDI Overdrive Pedal
Alin Ilies TS8-MS-MIDI Overdrive Pedal