Florin Giuglea

Florin Giuglea is a Romanian guitarist and luthier who began his music career playing blues-rock guitar. He gained recognition in 2011 when he became an official endorser for Cornford Amplification, a highly-regarded manufacturer of guitar amplifiers.

In 2012, Florin founded FLO Custom Guitars and began building custom electric guitars for concerts and recordings. He later returned to his passion for the blues and has since toured extensively, playing over 100 concerts a year and refining his skills as a guitarist and singer.

In 2015, Florin released his debut album ‘Invitation to the Blues’, which he recorded with friends and colleagues, including Adrian Ciuplea, Hanes Radu, and Mihai Ardelean. The album was mixed and mastered in the USA for an authentic American blues sound.

Throughout his career, Florin has traveled extensively, studying and researching the blues and meeting authentic blues musicians in the USA to find the true voice of the genre. Today, he is known for bringing the magic of the blues to Europe, along with his handmade custom guitars.

BECOS pedals used

I use the TS8-MS a lot, especially when recording. I enjoy the Custom setting with dirty amps. The BECOS pedal is up there with the greatest, in my book.
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  • BANDFlorin Giuglea - FLO, Florin Giuglea Trio
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