DITOS – Transformer-Coupled Balanced Output DI Board for CompIQ Stella Compressor Pedal 🆕


The optional DITOS board provides a transformer-coupled balanced output in 1/4″ TRS format for the CompIQ Stella Pro Compressor. When installed, it removes the functionality of powering the pedal with a 9V battery by taking up its space. If you are looking for the convenience of having a compressor and a trafo DI in a box, this is  one of the best and most compact options out there. This may accomplish many usage scenarios, on stage or in the studio.

The DITOS active DI is really complementary to the superbly transparent VCA’s main output. Its transformer-coupled balanced output is filled with warm richness and is excellent for recording or for tone-conditioning of any electric instrument — bass, guitar, acoustic guitar, violins, keyboards, synths, and even vocals or anything else, with an appropriate preamp.


Handbuilt to order. Estimated assembly time: 4-6 working days.

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Adding more functionality to the CompIQ Stella Pro Compressor Pedal

The DITOS transformer-coupled balanced output is suitable for direct recording or for sending the signal to a mixing console. It can also be used as an unbalanced transformer-isolated floating output to send the signal to another pedal and bring a new and warm voicing to your audio processing. When Stella is in bypass, the signal still passes the DITOS DI, so this may account for an active compression bypass (as opposed to the main output which will be true bypassed).

Although the unbalanced main output and the transformer balanced output may be used at the same time, the latter is phase-reversed. You may use a balanced cable with hot/cold wires reversed if you want to use both outputs at the same time in a pedal environment. The signal phase may also be switched on the mixing console or in the recording software.

Ground-lift jumpers are available internally for dealing with potential ground loop noise issues. The Ground Lift Jumper available on the Stella board connects the circuit ground carrying the negative power to the chassis and the Chassis Lift Jumper on the DITOS board connects the chassis to the Sleeve in the output connector (equivalent to Pin 1 on an XLR connector). They both are ON by default (jumper contacts closed) which means the DITOS output is set by default for use with a balanced cable — a standard balanced type of connection to a mixing console input or to the input of a recording interface. The manual has detailed information on how the balanced or unbalanced floating connections can be used and how these jumpers may help.

Becos Effects CompIQ Stella Pro Compressor with optional DITOS DI Board – Block Diagram

The DITOS board comes pre-installed if ordered along with the CompIQ Stella. If ordered separately, you must drill the enclosure yourself for the 1/4″ TRS output connector. This connector is positioned higher than the input connector in the pedal to allow overlapping the cables one on top of the other. A drilling template is available on request. The DITOS board can only be used with CompIQ Stella’s manufactured after September 2021, which has its mainboard ready for interconnection.

The transformer output works exquisitely well to complement the Burr-Brown signal conditioning in the main circuit. The tone is filled with natural warmth, rendering tight and punchy lows, enhanced low-mids, and warm-ringing highs. The audio transformer was intensively tested and selected for minimal distortion, almost flat frequency response, and it will only slightly saturate the very Lows at high signal levels. The transformer is driven by one of the highest performance, low noise, low distortion, and most pristine sounding balanced line drivers out there. The DITOS is truly a studio-grade DI and in combination with the Stella Pro Compressor, it offers a very powerful analog dynamic sound processing option in a very compact package.

DITOS sound demos

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Weight 0.022 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 2.2 × 1.8 cm
Technical Specifications

Design: Optional internal board for CompIQ Stella
Internal coupling: 4-wire connector
Function: Provides a transformer-coupled balanced output which is in parallel with Stella's VCA main output
Output connector: 1/4" TRS (equivalence to XLR: Tip = Pin 2, Ring = Pin 3, Sleeve = Pin 1)
Output signal: Balanced (for usage with mixing consoles or recording interfaces) / Can also be used as an unbalanced floating output if Tip to Sleeve are shorted with a 1/4" TS jack (can connect to another pedal, but also to mixers or recording interfaces)
Bypass: Active / When CompIQ Stella is in True Bypass the signal still passes through the DITOS board
Ground lift: Jumper (OFF) for disconnecting Sleeve/Pin 1 from chassis; Jumper (OFF) for disconnecting chassis from CompIQ Stella's circuit Ground
Input impedance: 1MΩ
Transformer-coupled balanced output impedance: 10KΩ
THD: <0.2% @ 1kHz, 0dBu in/out, 600Ω load, 24KHz BW, 12VDC power, through 6th harmonic
Max Input Level: +10dBu
Max Output Level: +12dBu
Frequency response: -1dB @ 40Hz; 0dB in between 300Hz and 22KHz
Power Voltage Range: 9-18VDC (powers from CompIQ Stella mainboard)
Current consumption: < 10mAh @ 9-18VDC
Product weight: 0.022Kg
Shipping weight: 0.2Kg