Sound On Sound CompIQ Stella Review July 2020 Issue

CompIQ Stella reviewed by Sound On Sound Magazine 🇬🇧

Sound on Sound Magazine 🇬🇧 published a comprehensive review for the CompIQ STELLA Pro Compressor pedal in its July 2020 issue. Here is an excerpt:

My tests were mainly with guitar, and for that instrument the huge configurability is so welcome. You can control the peaky twangs of wayward picking, increase note sustain, or raise low-level details with parallel compression easily, and the tilt EQ and saturator are so useful. You can keep your sound clean or dial in vibe and rebalance the tone as you wish. Bass players should absolutely love this thing (though I suspect they may be even more enamoured with the company’s new split-band compressor). In short, it’s what I’ve always wanted of a compressor pedal. But what about the price? There are cheaper compressor pedals, sure, but nothing like this. And the fact you can use it on line-level sources makes it better value still. You’d pay more if all this were mounted in a rack unit or in a 500-series module. – Matt Houghton, SOS, July 2020

We couldn’t be more honored than being featured in what is probably the most esteemed and pro-audio focused magazine in the United Kingdom and possibly in Europe. Thank you, SOS!

Read the review online here. PDF archive.