CompIQ Stella Reviewed By_Bassprofessor Magazine Nr.103

CompIQ Stella Pro Compressor reviewed by Bass Professor Magazine 🇩🇪

The CompIQ STELLA Pro Compressor has been reviewed by Bass Professor Magazine 🇩🇪  in Issue 103, 2020:

“Becos from Romania has become a real insider tip in the effects scene within a very short time. The Stella Compressor that the company sent us shows very impressively why this is so. The device was designed by Becos in a long development process to meet the needs of bassists and is very high-quality handcrafted. The case of the Becos CompiQ is a Hammond 1590B, as it is used as a standard by various manufacturers, e.g.: MRX. This is practical, so you know from the start that the device can find its place on any pedalboard. Let’s see what Stella has up its sleeve.



If I had to describe the Becos CompIQ in one word, ‘perfect’ would be the right word. All functions do precisely what they are supposed to do, free of unwanted distortions and annoying noise. Especially the noise is, unfortunately, to be seen as normal when dealing with volume generating circuits. However, if you do not torture the Stella with unusual extreme settings, you will have no problems. Only the tape saturation (Sat), I found a bit special, but this is due to my personal taste! But surely there is a song lurking out there that needs exactly this setting and sound to become a hit. And please do not be afraid of a certain training period, bad sounds are rather impossible. it makes absolute sense to take some time exploring this high-performance compressor in peace – please do not put it five minutes before the gig on your pedalboard!


The summary is relatively short because my enthusiasm should already have been perceived in the lines above. The tester was and is completely convinced by the performance! The Becos CompIQ is definitely the studio compressor for the vest pocket. The device should be tried in peace and to be completely enthusiastic about – the price is a bargain for the quality offered – really!” – Reviewed by Jörg Hermsen, Bass Professor Magazine, Issue 103, 2020, p.55-56

Many thanks to Holger Bratengeier for sending us the magazine picture and kindly provide the partial English translation of the review.

Read the original review in the German Language.