CompIQ Stella Settings Examples

CompIQ Stella Compressor – Settings Examples

Before you start

The CompIQ Stella is a full-featured compressor in pedal format which allows complex processing while preserving the dynamics of your playing. A good understanding of compression is normally required to optimally set it up for live performance or studio recording.

We advise testing the CompIQ Stella with an instrument amplifier instead of using headphones. Start by playing with it alone then integrate your settings along with your other pedals.

Here is the Stella Manual for your reference. For more in-depth technical info on our VCA line of compressors please take a look at the CompIQ 101 section. If you have particular questions regarding how Stella works, or you would like to share your feedback please contact us.

Stella sound demos on bass

Each demo has an associated image with pedal’s knobs & switches position used when recorded. A higher resolution image is displayed when loading the track on Soundcloud — along with details regarding the instrument, strings used for that phrase, and playing technique. Start by playing any track in the playlist below and click View Track to load it on Soundcloud for details.

The audio phrase is played twice in each track. First, the dry sound with the pedal in bypass, followed by a take with pedal engaged.

Many thanks to jazz artist Jean-François Untrau (France) who recorded these demonstrations.

Stella + DITOS sound demos on guitar

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