CompIQ Stella reviewed by Vintage Guitar Magazine 🇺🇸

We know that we put in a lot of heart in this device and people around the world confirms its qualities over and over again. This time, the CompIQ Stella Compressor pedal gets noticed by the Vintage Guitar Magazine USA in a brief review where it gets the VG Approved Gear badge.

CompIQ Stella - Vintage Guitar Magazine Approved Gear Badge
The Becos CompIQ Pro Compressor is a studio compressor housed in an MXR-sized chassis. It has a ridiculous amount of power for a small stompbox. Better still, it’s a transparent compression that only colors the tone as much as you allow it, unlike many lower-end boxes that simply squash tone and volume. That’s the sign of a good unit – delivering compression power, clarity, and flexibility to control exactly what you want to hear from a guitar.
– Pete Prown

Thank you VG Mag for reviewing our flagship pedal!

Read the review here. Archive.


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