2019 – New Year, New BecosFX Website, New Ideas


New Year 2019

We started New Year 2019 with a new front page for Becosfx.com

Plans & Projects

We have plans for new exciting products ahead, so we needed a better system for managing product information, shopping process, payment processing, customers and support activities.

BecosFX Blog

Among other things, we are starting this Blog section, where we will write more technical articles regarding our products or products in general, insider information, interesting, useful or funny facts about how we hand build our products, tips and tricks, our relationship with artists, etc. 

BecosFX Referrals Program

This year we are going to introduce a referral program, where new customers may be given a discount code which could be used for either future purchases from us, or for making referrals to friends who would like to purchase our products at a discount. If referrals will use someone’s promotional code, both will get an award: a discount for the new customer and cash back for the original purchaser.

The process is simple: if you make a purchase from us and you like our product enough to recommend it to others, you will be awarded money when others use your code to make a purchase from us.

If more will use your referral code to buy BecosFX products, your original purchase will eventually be paid off in full and you may start to make a profit along the way.

Is like we would buy you a drink to say “Thank you for using and talking about our products!” each time someone else is using your code.

That is it for now. Please check back out blog from time to time for news and updates on BecosFX activity.

Once again we thank you all those who support and help us to bring out new ideas and great products for musicians, but especially to our customers, who trust us and decide to use our products.

Happy New Year 2019!