CompIQ STELLA Pro Compressor reviewed by Guitar Magazine

Guitar Magazine UK – the world’s leading authority and resource for all things guitar, takes a spin on the CompIQ STELLA Pro Compressor in a thorough review in the September 2019 print issue. Read an extract online or the full review archived here.

We’ve seen rackmount studio compressors with fewer controls than this little pedal from Romanian maker Becos. Can it possibly sound as ‘pro’ as it looks? – Richar Purvis,

It seems that the answer is yes. Our flagship compressor pedal gets the Editor’s Choice badge and the reviewer scores it with a 9 out of 10 points.

This is very rewarding! Although this is a new product – launched at the beginning of 2019 -, it has risen up faster than we anticipated in user’s buying preferences, and now the mainstream media confirms that this is indeed a noticeable product.

Thank you,!

Complementing the published review, Brett Kingman from Australia also publishes his video review-demo of the CompIQ Stella about the same time. Enjoy watching it.

This little squeezer packs rack-quality features, sound and control into a pedal that will suit bass and guitar equally. In fact, you could use the Stella for pretty much any compression application including drums and voice. Nice one, Becos FX! – Brett Kingman


On Monday, June 22, 2020, we have been contacted by a representative of PMI Media Group and being informed that the word TILT™ is a USA Registered Trademark owned by AMH Sales, Inc. DBA PMI Audio Group Corp. in Class IC 009 registration #3971079. This review was released prior to us being notified. The photography belongs to the reviewer and it was so published in the mentioned issue at a previous date. Currently, we are complying in good faith with the notification of the trademark owner and we renamed the equalization control on the Stella compressor as X-EQ. More details here