Atsushikubo CompIQ MINI Review

CompIQ MINI Pro extensive video review-demo made by Atsushikubo 🇯🇵

An extensive video review demo for the CompIQ MINI Pro Compressor has been made by Atsushikubo on a bass instrument, in the Japanese Language. Here is an excerpt from the review, concluding:


🇬🇧 This is the Becos CompIQ MINI. It is such a tiny MINI, very small. The camera doesn’t show how small it is but it has so many functions. Even though it’s this size, you can set a lot of things on it, and the sound that comes out is super-natural. The controls are so small but it is a very high-quality compressor. If you want to make the tone Greater, it works. This is very high quality.

Thank you so much, Atsushikubo, for thoroughly reviewing the CompIQ MINI Pro Compressor for guitar and bass!

Thank you so much, Yukiko Yamada, for your effort in translating and captioning this video!

Our line of compressor pedals is available in Japan 🇯🇵 exclusively through LEP International Co. LTD.


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