CompIQ Twain Review - Guitar Magazine - May 2020 - p118-119

CompIQ Twain reviewed by Guitar Magazine 🇬🇧

Guitar Magazine May 2020 CoverDesigning the CompIQ Twain dual-band / stacked compressor pedal was a bold thing to do. We knew it would look menacing and would scare some by the multitude of controls it has. But we knew this will be a very powerful tool in the right hands, and we tried to simplify its operation by replacing manual timing controls with automated presets. They were confirmed by users to work excellently in the other compressors in the CompIQ line (Stella, Mini, and Mini One). And that gets immediately noticed,  once you start playing with it.

The same thing was noticed by Guitar Magazine 🇬🇧 who reviewed the pedal in the guitar usage scenarios.

Though it bristles with controls, the Twain isn’t quite as daunting as it appears.

We are very honored by the Editor’s Choice badge and the 9/10 score it receives in the review, which concludes:

Guitar Magazine Editor's ChoiceThe Twain is more like a multi-band mastering compressor than the units most guitarists will be familiar with. It’s ideally suited to the twin challenges of wider frequency and dynamic range presented by active basses. The Twain cooks up every style of guitar compression we can think of – from subtle and transparent detail enhancement through Lowell George and onto brickwall limiting with unlimited sustain.


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