Video Demo for TS8-MS MIDI Switched Analog Overdrive / MIDI Amp Channel Switcher Pedal

TS8-MS MIDI Overdrive/Switcher Pedal

This is a remix of the original video demo we made a while ago, where we are emphasizing guitar track sections when TS8-MS MIDI Analog Overdrive / Amp Channel Switcher pedal is used alone on amplifier’s Clean or High Gain channels, to better hear its articulation.

TS8-MS pedal has been built on the foundation legacy of an 808 tubescreamer – which has long been the secret weapon of valve amp tone aficionados -, but it was improved in many ways.

TS8-MS MIDI Overdrive/Switcher 3-clipping Selector

TS8-MS MIDI Overdrive/Switcher 3-clipping Selector

Among other quirks we’ve made, TS8-MS has a 3-clipping options sectìon – Classic (based on silicon diode in symmetric arrangement), Asymmetric (also based on silicon, but one side of audio polarity has a higher compression level than the other), and Custom (basically a pair of small sockets, where one could experiment with any kind  semiconductor) which is fitted by us with two red LED’s of different kind, for a tiny clipping asymmetry.

The video was recorded with Classic clipping selection, which is the closest to a “classic” tubescreamer.

The track was recorded with guitar directly connected into the TS8-MS Midi Overdrive pedal placed in front of a Mesa Boogie MK5 valve amplifier. An Eventide H9 Harmonizer multi-effects pedal was inserted into amp’s loop, for a bit of spacial effect added to the sound (Rotary and Analog Delay algorithms were used).

We used a custom cabinet fitted with a 1×12 Celestion V30 speaker, similar to a Mesa Boogie Widebody cab, which was  captured with a rather cheap (but warm sounding) MXR 144 ribbon microphone, sent through a (cheap again) Behringer MIC 100 valve preamp.

TS8-MS MIDI Overdrive/Switcher Amp Channel Switching Relays Connector and MIDI Connector

TS8-MS MIDI Overdrive/Switcher Amp Channel Switching Relays Connector and MIDI Connector

The audio was recorded directly into camera line input, so no other processing was made. The guitar was just mixed on top of the background audio track, in post production. 

All the switching was made using a Rocktron Midimate MIDI Controller, which was programmed to send Program Change messages (presets) to both pedals, Eventide H9 for switching effects, and TS8-MS, which performed two functions: to switch amplifier’s channels on the fly and as Analog Overdrive in front of MK4 mode on high gain channel. Some parts of the song were played on Clean channel.

So, we’re enabling an analog overdrive effect with MIDI commands, change Mesa Boogie Mark Five channels with MIDI and also change effects in Eventide H9 (again, with MIDI).

TS8-MS pedal can also be used as a MIDI Controller!

We thought it would be nice to use pedal’s footswitch to transmit MIDI to other devices (i.e. a multi effects unit), and concomitantly switch amp’s channels, while enabling/disabling the overdrive effect. This can be done by using the footswitch with short and long pushes. Inside pedal, the very same HEX switch that is used to select MIDI Channel for transmit (or receive) function, is used for selecting a combination of switching relay states that correspond to what amp channel we need while pedal is in bypass or engaged. In either state, a long push on the switch (say during a song solo) can select a different amp channel, then revert back to either previous state (long push again), or directly to the other pedal state (bypass or engaged), with a short push.

For example, let’s say you are with pedal in bypass, and the pre-set HEX switch was set to put the amp in Clean channel at the same time. If you want the overdrive effect to be engaged when switching from Clean amp channel to High Gain amp channel, a short push on the switch is performed. While on that state, if you want to switch amp channel again (back to Clean or to a third amp channel), a long push is performed. If you want to revert back from what long push just did, another long push is needed. If you want to revert to the other state of the pedal, a short push is performed. See the manual for a complete description of the feature. And remember, if the pedal was set to transmit MIDI, with each pedal state selected through the footswitch – bypass / effect / extended (long push), a MIDI Program Change message is sent.

You see now how TS8-MS pedal can be used as a multi-tool for a mini MIDI rig?

TS8-MS Footswitch Midi Transmit

The guitar performance was recorded live by the amazing Nicu Patoi – lead guitarist at Platonic Band. Thank you, Nicu Patoi, for your long time support.

Enjoy the video demo. If you have questions regarding this product, please contact us.