Frédéric Caillat-Miousse

Frédéric Caillat-Miousse is a skilled bassist from France with a passion for music that dates back to 2000 when he started playing the bass guitar. Despite being mainly self-taught, Frédéric’s dedication and hard work soon paid off, allowing him to start playing with a local metal band.

In 2004, Frédéric joined a Jazz and Modern Music School, which not only helped him perfect his instrumental technique but also expand his musical knowledge. During this period, Frédéric performed in different jazz bands for subsidized concerts and school auditions, gaining valuable performance experience.

Frédéric’s talent on bass guitar caught the attention of the French luthier Noguera basses, who invited him to do live demonstrations at the Salon de la Musique in Paris in 2006. Alongside musicians such as Franck Nelson, Yves Carbonne, and Hadrien Ferraud, Frédéric showcased his bass skills to audiences from all over the world.

Over the years, Frédéric has played and recorded with several metal and rock bands, including Furia, Aquilon, Delifony, and Enkyra. He has performed in France and Switzerland, sharing stages with bands like Destruction, Benighted, and Punish Yourself. As a side project, Frédéric has also recorded bass parts for beatmakers and artists such as Dalé.

In addition to his work with various bands, Frédéric has continued to hone his skills and explore different genres of music. Most recently, he recorded the bass for Ellipsis’ 5th album “Sadistikal Mentaculus” (2022) and joined a new band, “Les Enfants de Dagon,” recording their debut album “De Profundis” (2022) and playing live with them.

Frédéric’s ongoing dedication to his craft is evident in his return to the Music Conservatory, where he is now learning classical double bass in addition to playing bass guitar. His years of experience and passion for music have made him a versatile and accomplished bassist, with a unique style that sets him apart in the industry.

BECOS pedals used

Playing fingerstyle in metal bands and keeping a consistent, punchy, and clean bass sound can be quite challenging. My CompIQ Stella gives me full control over my dynamics and allows me to perfectly dial in all the sounds I want, from light and transparent compression to heavy and colored squish. Definitely a keeper!