Hugo Vimme

Hugo Vimme is a skilled guitarist who is part of Cabaleras, an Americana band that emerged in early 2022 from the remnants of another group. Together, they formed a new band with a fresh start. Cabaleras has chosen to exclusively perform their own original material, which has been well-received by audiences. Although they play Americana, they have given their music a unique Norwegian twist and refer to it as Nordicana. The band released an EP last year and has also played at various concerts and festivals.

BECOS pedals used

The Becos CompIQ STELLA Pro is a pedal that lets the instrument open up and blossom without strangling the attack as many compressors do. In addition, it has a genius blend control that lets you blend in unaffected signal with or without some drive added. So, you can dial in a clean tone with just a touch of ‘hair’ on it, and that’s what we want, isn’t it? It’s an obvious always-on pedal.