Jean-François Untrau

Jean-François Untrau is a French bassist and composer who has made contributions to the jazz and world music scenes. Untrau has collaborated with various French and international musicians, including jazz vocalist Elisabeth Caumont, Algerian singer Amel Zen, and the French jazz fusion band Zappe Zappa.

Untrau is also known for his solo recordings, such as the album “Basstem,” which showcases his original compositions and arrangements. This album features Untrau playing both acoustic and electric bass and incorporates diverse musical elements such as jazz, world music, and rock. He is also a member of the French group Matskat, where he plays bass. Matskat is a band that blends various musical styles, such as jazz, rock, funk, and world music, to create a unique and energetic sound. The group has released several albums, including ‘Matskat’ and ‘Ninth,’ and has performed at various festivals and venues across France and Europe. Untrau’s contributions as a bassist bring a dynamic and rhythmic element to the group’s music.

Untrau’s artistic background is diverse and multi-dimensional, incorporating various styles and influences. He is known for his virtuosic bass playing and his ability to blend different genres and musical traditions in his work.

We deeply appreciate the support provided by Jean-François Untrau over the years. His generosity in assisting us with showcasing the Stella Pro compressor in the videos below (in English and French Languages) has been immensely helpful.

BECOS pedals used

With the BECOS STELLA, I have truly found what I was looking for. It offers possibilities that are not found (to my knowledge) on a pedal of this format and the features offered are not just gimmicks for someone looking for a studio-style compressor. It’s very professional. It’s well-made, it sounds good, it’s clean, it’s complete.